The laws of 3D printing, and Pokemon

When one has a 3D printer, and one has children and grandchildren of a certain age, there are certain fundamental laws that must be obeyed.

You will be asked to print Pokemon.

I faithfully followed the directive, finding a suitable Pikachu model on Thingiverse and printing it in a brand new flexible filament purchased for this very task. But it turned out the tail was not up to the heavy duty required for toddler usage.

So I remixed the design and added a small strengthening part to help prevent the tail from detaching.

This is, by far, the most popular upload I have made to Thingiverse, and is also by far the simplest.

Thingiverse 376601 Low-Poly Pikachu
Thingiverse 376601 Low-Poly Pikachu



Original Pikachu






Thingiverse 1648522 - Strengthened Pikachu
Thingiverse 1648522 – Strengthened Pikachu


My amazingly complex contribution!