Gotek Disk Images

Here are the disk images I use for some of my vintage computers.

These are intended for use with the excellent HxC2001 firmware. The HFE format should work with the standard Gotek firmwre but I have not tried that personally.

Microbee – double sided 40 track

Kaypro IV – double sided 40 track

Kaypro II – single sided 40 track. Note that the Gotek will need to be configured to ignore the side select signal.

Buying a Microbee

I recently purchased a large cache of Microbee computers with the intent of refurbishing them and reselling to the retro computer community.

My original intent was to work my way through them, repair them as needed, and sell them onto the vintage community at cost.

I’ve done this for five or six systems, but I no longer have the time to invest in returning the remainder of the systems to fully working conditions.

I’m now offering seven Microbees in as is condition. All are tested and working. DRAM has passed a memory test, video is stable, and at least some of the keys on the keyboard are working

All Microbees have been sold. I’ll post again if I have more for sale.

  • Systems 1 through 4 are network clients, which means they have 64k of DRAM, and no floppy controller. An additionall 64k of RAM and floppy controller can be fitted but will require medium to high level soldering skills.
    These systems are $350AUD each, plus shipping. I can include extra 64k of DRAM, floppy controller, 128k PAL, and 34 connector for an extra $50.
  • Systems 5 through 7 are ROM systems. They have 32k of RAM, but cannot be upgraded to more RAM, nor can they have a floppy controller added. They would be suitable someone who wants a case for the new Microbee Classic Plus when it is available.
    These systems are $275 each plus shipping.

The follow caveats apply:

  • The cases have a variety of markings and some have stickers. These can be removed with some elbow grease and Windex.
  • The cases and keyswitches may be yellowed from age or sun exposure.
  • All cases are engraved with “Lisarow High School” in some manner. This can be sanded off, or the case can be refinished with a filling primer.
  • The keyswitches will need cleaning, so not all keys may work correctly. You will need to clean then (excellent instructions from Ewan Wordsworth of Microbee Technology can be found here), or you can buy a full keyboard replacement kit from
  • The systems do NOT include a cable or power supply. These can be purchased from
  • None of these systems have colour boards fitted, nor are they Premium motherboards with the extra keys

RIFA adventures

I need some 4700pf/300v RIFA caps for Kaypro power supplies, so I ordered replacements from element14.

However, I’m not sure these parts are suitable as they are somewhat smaller than I was expecting. What’s the consensus of the hive mind – can I use them?

UPDATE: consensus was that they are OK to use, provided they fit physically!

Disk drive working

Kaypro #1 wouldn’t boot from a Gotek, but Kaypro #2 is up and running!

Update: the problem with Kaypro #1 was the WD9216 data separator. Swapped this chip with one from another system and disk reads started working.